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iZipe custom band website designs include search engine optimization to rank well in search engines. iZipe band website designs include MP3s, band photos, tour dates, bookings and more. A band website is a must for any serious band. A band website design ranking well in search engines is the best way for a band to be discovered online. iZipe also offers band management, concerts, music promotion and more. Read about band website designs.

Avalon Band Website Design by iZipe  Avalon band website design by iZipe

Online Music Store

Our online music store sells CDs, DVDs, music videos, music box sets, MP3s, musical instruments, MP3 players and more. Some of the genres and artists we sell include industrial, jazz, alternative, rock, punk, hip hop, rap, gothic, techno, pop, death metal, noise, hardcore, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Crash Worship, Standard Deviation of Machine, Pigface, Aslan Faction, Avalon, Outkast, Eminem, The Cure, Razed in Black and many more.